On 10 October 2019, we announced an agreement to sell Kestrel’s top-performing multi-asset business to Merian Global Investors (MGI).

As part of the deal, which is expected to complete in December 2019 (subject to regulatory and shareholder approval), management of the $151 million Kestrel Global Portfolio will transfer to MGI, as will the associated intellectual property and the entire multi-asset team, including head of desk and lead fund manager John Ricciardi.

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For investors seeking a fund that invests globally and delivers capital growth, we’ve created the Kestrel Global Portfolio (KGP/the Fund), a long-only diversified UCITS fund authorised by the Central bank of Ireland. The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of asset classes across global markets.

Targeted Return

KGP targets annualised returns of 6-8% after fees over a business cycle, with volatility of less than 10%. The Fund comprises a portfolio of optimised holdings across world asset classes with a 50/50 weighting between high risk and low risk. Returns come from optimised holdings across these asset classes and from Kestrel’s dynamic asset allocation decisions, by which the Fund Managers adjust the Fund’s level of risk to account for expected market movements over the forthcoming quarter. The Fund Managers will also implement tactical trading decisions across equity regions, equity sectors and bond durations.

Global Multi-Asset Holdings

KGP invests across global markets in listed equities, debt securities, money market instruments, real estate, commodities and cash. The Fund largely invests in transferable securities (exchange listed instruments such as global equities and government securities) and is limited to holding a maximum of 10% of its assets in other collective investment schemes. KGP is 100% ESG compliant.

Daily Liquidity

Shares in the Fund may be subscribed and redeemed on a daily basis. This is supported by the underlying liquidity of the Fund’s assets.